• Independence

    The Foundation is an entity independent of Blackheath Golf Club Limited that has been created to assist in securing the Club's future.

    Aims & Purpose

    The Foundation has been created to hold a capital sum preserved at all times in order that the income be available for the aims and objects of the Golf Club. Those objects include maintenance and development of the quality of the golf course and the golf clubhouse. The capital sum is accumulated by donation from members and friends of the Golf Club and is controlled by trust legislation.

    Strictly Voluntary

    All donations to support the Foundation are strictly voluntary.

    Tax Deductibility

    Donations to the Foundation are tax deductible if made by payment through the Australian Sports Foundation and may be made by instalments over five years.

    Membership of the Foundation

    Consider becoming a member of the Foundation to help secure the future of the Club.

    To become a Foundation member, you first need to download, complete and return one of the following tax-deductible donation forms:

    Bequest by Will

    You might also consider a bequest to the Foundation by Will, for which free advice is available.

    More Information

    For more information contact the Foundation Secretary Ian Foulsham on 0414 974 358.