Golf was first played in Blackheath in 1910 on what is now the Memorial Park.

The present site of the course was originally a nine hole course for a guest house known as "Belvedere". The ruins of the building remain today on the hill overlooking the present 16th fairway. The owner of "Belvedere" abandoned the links because of the steep climb up and down to the course from the guesthouse.


In March 1922 a public meeting was held in the Council Chambers in Blackheath which carried the following motion unanimously: "That this meeting is in favour of acquiring the Belvedere Golf Links". The result of this meeting was that a registered public company, known as "The Blackheath Land Co Ltd" was formed. A contract to purchase the Belvedere Golf Links was signed on 26 April 1922.

On 7 June 1922 the directors of the company formed themselves into a committee known as "Blackheath Golf Club". Annual fees for members were set at three guineas ($6.30) and 22 members were elected. Green fees for visitors were set at four shillings (40c) per day. The first club house was opened on 4 October 1924.

Some GLimpses from the past

  • The layout of the course was not changed from 1964 till 1993. A major re-alignment was undertaken from 1993 to 1995. Seven new greens were constructed; two new holes, 2nd & 7th, created; and several holes lengthened and fairways re-aligned. The sequence of holes was changed in 1994 and the present layout of Par 69, with the first 9 holes inside the second 9 holes, was opened in April 1995.